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Pet Portrait Photography Services

Preserving Life's memories for future generations

   Pets are an important part of every family. Consider including your pet in your family's photography session.  A pet portrait can also be the perfect way to create a timeless image for yourself or as a gift.  Proper planning is essential in creating a relaxing atmosphere for a successful pet portrait.  If you prefer, we can photograph in your home or at a special location.
To create a family portrait with your pet, it is important to have a design session where we can discuss clothing, location and style. Call Jim Swallow for a free consultation session.

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Professionalism makes a difference


A portrait is more than just an image of yourself, it should reflect your personality, too. Creating a unique portrait takes time. Proper planning is needed to capture the essence of an individual.  A portrait is considered a work of art and should be displayed  in a prominent place in your home or business.  We suggest a free portrait consultation beginning with a design session in your home or office.  Proper display and lighting will allow you to enjoy your portrait even more!