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Environmental Portrait Photography

Preserving Life's memories for future generations


Preserving your family's heritage through a portrait is essential in today's constantly changing world. As each family is unique, Jim Swallow strives to capture that special character in each portrait.  Environmental portraits or classical studio portraits are created after a consultation session, ensuring that your portrait portrays the proper image of your individual family. To create a family portrait, it is important to have a design session where we can discuss clothing, location and style. Call Jim Swallow for a free consultation session.

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Professionalism makes it an


A portrait is more than just an image of yourself, it should reflect your personality, too. Creating a unique portrait takes time. Proper planning is needed to capture the essence of an individual.  A portrait is considered a work of art and should be displayed  in a prominent place in your home or business.  We suggest a free portrait consultation beginning with a design session in your home or office.  Proper display and lighting will allow you to enjoy your portrait even more!